Once a year the treasurer sends a request for a donation and a pre-printed giro card inviting payment to all the addresses known in the Netherlands. Family members abroad get a request for a donation with an addressed envelope for a cash donation to the Foundation (so please do not send us cheques because of the high collecting-charges!).

In the address file of the Secretary there are also addresses of family members without the name Boissevain and friends of the Boissevain family. They also receive a request for a donation and are able to participate in all facilities and events of the Foundation.

With these resources the board finances its activities such as printing and sending the Bulletin, member administration, correspondence, reunions, neck tie etc.. The board appreciates the donations very much and assumes them to be an expression of support for its activities.

Payments from abroad (outside the Netherlands)

Payments from abroad can not be received by a pre-printed giro card. Due to the high collecting-charges we ask you not to pay by cheque, but to choose one of the following options to pay a donation to the Boissevain Foundation:

Within the EU (easypay)

Amounts in euro

IBAN number: NL60ABNA0412169649

BIC (Swift)-code: ABNANL2A

For the attention of: Boissevain Stichting

Description: donation <year> reg.nr. <number>


Outside the EU (worldpay)

Account nr.:

Recipient Name: Boissevain Stichting

Recipient Address: Wilsveen 39a

Recipient Postal code: 2266 LP

Recipient Country : Netherlands

Credit Institute : ABN AMRO

Address Credit Institute: WEIGELIA 23

Postal code Credit Institute: 2262 AB

Place Credit Institute: Leidschendam

Country Credit Institute: Netherlands

BIC (Swift)-code: ABNANL2A

IBAN number * (optional): NL60ABNA0412169649

Description: donation <year> reg.nr. <number>

To be sure you transfer the net amount to the Foundation we ask you to perform the transaction with costs for the principal (cost code OUR).

* In spite of the international character of the IBAN numbers these number causes sometimes some trouble outside of the European Union. Especially in the US some small banks don’t know what to do with these numbers. Therefore we advise you not to use the IBAN number in the US.


PayPal is an account-based system that allows anyone with an email address to securely send and receive online payments. PayPal makes sending money as easy as sending email. Members can instantly send money to anyone with an email address. To send a donation to the Boissevain Foundation use the wizard below: