Every year the board of the Boissevain Foundation sends a Bulletin to the members and friends of the family. Besides announcements, short articles and some illustrations, one will find announcements of births, marriages, divorces and deaths arranged according to the system used in the blue booklet or 'Nederland's Patriciaat'.

If you would like a copy, you must send your address to the Secretariat of the Boissevain Foundation. Please let us know if you want to have the Dutch language or the English language version. To the Secretariat you can also mail changes in family circumstances of yourself or others.

If you want to publish in the Boissevain Bulletin yourself don't hesitate to contact the board.

The Boissevain Bulletin issue 15, January 2005 contains articles about Huguenots and their Walloon church, Huguenot monument in South-Africa and Charles Boissevain (1842-1927) in "Drafna"Boissevains.