Green book

The powering force behind the research of the family history of the Boissevains has been Barthold Hubert Boissevain (1890 - 1965).
In the thirties he laid the foundation of a periodical with all kinds of genealogical news, the foundation of a Family Association, research into French archives by the archivist Mr H. Martin and - most notably - the 'Stamboek der Boissevains' (Genealogical Register of the Boissevain Family) published in 1937 in the Dutch language.

This beautiful book has been published in a limited edition and is also called the green book because of the colour of the linen cover. Opposite the title page the family coat of arms is colourfully depicted in all its grandeur. The text deals extensively with the then known sources, with information about ancestors in France before 1685. Further more there is a family tree with short biographical data of each Boissevain and 9 pages of photo portraits.

Nederland's Patriciaat

The Central Bureau for Genealogy is located in the City of Den Haag (Netherlands). It is housed in the beautiful National Archives building beside the Central Station. It is the centre for all family histories. Besides their own collections it houses those of the Royal Netherlands Association for Genealogy and Heraldry and the State genealogical collections. Address: Postbox 11755, 2502 AT Den Haag, tel. +31.70.315.05.10.


Since 1910 the Central Bureau for Genealogy, edits yearly a blue booklet called 'Nederland's Patriciaat', in which one will find the family trees of various socially relevant, or well known families (patricians). The members of these families are described with short biographies. The 72nd edition in the year 1988 was completely dedicated to families that played an important role in the economic field in Amsterdam in the 19th century. Of these families, including the Boissevains, complete family trees have been depicted. The one of the Boissevains deals with about three centuries and consists 106 pages. This so-called blue booklet is for sale at the Central Bureau for Genealogy.